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6 Lessons I Learned While Attempting a Guinness World Record


On June 8th, 2013 (my 31st birthday), I attempted to break the Guinness World Record for Longest Speech Marathon. Crazy, I know. This record is not to be confused with longest non-stop speech, which would definitely have been harder. This record consisted of giving back-to-back presentations for almost 37 hours straight (with a 5-minute break after every hour). I beat the previous record by about 15-30 minutes, and as you can imagine, I learned a few things. From the first day of preparation to holding up my fist in the air as the clock struck 36 hours and 30 minutes, I got some surprising insights about communication, higher purpose, and the effectiveness of hot tea. Here’s what I learned. Continue reading 6 Lessons I Learned While Attempting a Guinness World Record

Better than Presents: Why I’m Starting a New Holiday Tradition

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The commercialism of the holiday season hit me particularly hard this year. Normally I just brush it off, but something about listening to the cheery holiday music while it’s simultaneously trying to get me excited about the latest deals just didn’t sit right. It’s emotional manipulation, and we all know it. When do we infuse our ritualistic gestures of appreciation with commercialism? Why do I have to buy to show that I care? I’m tired of it, and this year I’m doing something different. Continue reading Better than Presents: Why I’m Starting a New Holiday Tradition

5 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Breaking Bad

Breakingbad1A combination of boredom and Netflix introduced the TV Show Breaking Bad into my life. The show is dark, gritty, and funny in an I-can’t-believe-that-just-happened sort of way. Season 5 was the very last season, and the show wrapped up a few days after it received the last of its 10 primetime Emmys—a well-deserved win for Outstanding Drama Series. If you haven’t seen it, the show is about a terminally ill high school chemistry teacher who decides to start cooking crystal meth to leave money for his family before he dies. Then, well, let’s just say it escalates quickly from there. As of the time of this post, all 5 seasons are on Netflix (minus the last 8 episodes), so head on over there and binge watch it first. I’ll see you in a week.

While I don’t endorse the manufacturing and selling of crystal meth (after watching the show, I don’t know why anyone would try), I did find a few lessons that entrepreneurs can learn from the show. It may seem kind of odd to use a show filled with drugs and murder as the catalyst for entrepreneurship, but hey, there are lessons all around us.

Continue reading 5 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Breaking Bad

The Last Rebrand: A Personal Manifesto


In a 2007 interview with Charlie Rose, Steve Martin gave a simple piece of advice to young performers, “Be so good, they can’t ignore you.” That really struck me. A lot of creative people forget to diligently work on their craft so it’s the best it can absolutely be. Instead, they focus on trying to get publicity or marketing themselves. At the end of the day, all the publicity in the world won’t get you anywhere if you suck at what you do. Michael Jordan was a really good basketball player, Oprah is a really good TV show host, Anderson Cooper is a really good journalist, and Tim Ferriss is a really good human guinea pig. Like Gary Vaynerchuk says, “If you’re putting out good shit, people are going to notice.” Continue reading The Last Rebrand: A Personal Manifesto