What I packed for my around the world trip

From October to December of 2014, I’m taking an around the world trip where I’ll be visiting 12 countries in 4 continents. I’m spending roughly one week at each place, and I’m currently posting this from my iPhone while sitting in my friends apartment in Tokyo, which is my first stop.

Here’s the list of cities I’ll be visiting: Tokyo (Japan), Bali (Indonesia), Bangkok (Thailand), Mumbai (India), Nairobi (Kenya), Athens (Greece), Rome (Italy), Venice (Italy), Berlin (Germany), Paris (France), Madrid (Spain), Rio De Janeiro (Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Lima (Peru), Cusco/Machu Picchu (Peru). Then I’ll come back to Houston, and probably sleep like a baby (a soundly asleep baby, not the type that always cries).

Here’s everything I’m packing:

What’s what:
1) Ukulele
2) Ultra compact sleeping bag from Amazon.
3) Ultra light rain coat
4) First aid travel kit, toiletries, swissarmy knife-type of tool, and mosquito repellant.
5) eBags packing cubes with all my clothes. I packed two pairs of jeans (plus a third pair I was wearing), 5-6 shirts including a couple of nicer polo shirts for both casual/going out, two boardshorts from Hurley that double as going out/swim shorts, 3pairs of socks, and enough underwear for a week. Most people recommended doing laundry on the road to save space.
6) Flip flops, which I’ll wear as much as possible. But I also packed a pair of shoes that are good for light hiking/going out. They are packed in the biggest packing cube.
7) Sea-to-summit dry bag, which has things like a lock and chain in case I need to lock up my bag or belongings, a rubber sink stopper for turning sinks into makeshift washing stations in case I need it, a spork and collapsible travel cup, Olloclip wide angle lens for iPhone, Amazon Kindle and charger, a wall plug converter, and a small headlamp that runs on batteries.
8) 1800 mAh battery pack (enough for recharging my iPhone 7-8 times!), and earbuds.
9) Sea-to-summit day pack backpack, that miraculously collapses into that tiny thing you see there.
10) Extendable iPhone pole holder for taking pics and video. This, combined with the Olloclip and iPhone, makes for a cheap alternative to a GoPro.
11) Copies of all my documents. Passport, travel insurance, drivers license, vaccines, itinerary, etc.
12) My kickass hiking backpack.

This is what it looks like all packed up:



A couple of things to note:
1) I’m not taking a computer. My iPhone will be my everything.
2) I’m not taking a lot of clothes. After researching several other travel bloggers and what they packed, everyone recommended packing the 20% of clothing items that would cover 80% of situations. Packing for “What if?” scenarios will quadruple your luggage.
3) The bottom of my ukulele actually fits inside the side pocket of the backpack, and I use one of the straps to hold it in place. This is great, as it keeps my hands free.

I’ll update this post in a month or so once I’ve been on the road for longer and have had a chance to test all this out.


Rock on.