These 5 Beautiful Infographics Will Change How You View the World


Beautiful infographics are everywhere, and they’ve exploded in popularity just in the last several years. Combining visual content and stats is an easy way to communicate complex ideas, and there’s even an incredible interactive infographic that explains why we love them so much. Here are 5 of my favorites. Each one gives us a unique insight into our world and who we are.

#1: The Science of Happiness

Science of Happiness Alex Cequea blog


#2: 100 Years of Change




#3: If the World Were 100 People


If world was 100 people alex cequea blog

#4: What Are the Odds that you Exist Today?

What are the odds of you being born? Alex Cequea blog

#5: Media Consolidation and the Illusion of Choice

Media Consolidation

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  • Andrew Michalko

    this i found, soon after reading your article.

    • Alex Cequea

      YES! I love Information is Beautiful! I’ve used a bunch of their images as part of presentations and talked about them before. Thanks for reminding me of them :-)