11 Social Good Blogs and Sites to Follow in 2014

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Our web habits can cement our thinking and limit the type of information we’re exposed to. When we visit the same few sites over and over, we stay within the same echo chamber of news and entertainment. If you really want to grow, you need to branch out.

Here are some great social good sites to visit regularly. They offer a healthy mix of uplifting news, informational content, inspiring stories, and more. Enjoy!

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Mashable’s Social Good Section

I love Mashable. Their bloggers have a fresh voice and the content is always interesting and on the cutting edge of web culture. Their Social Good section has plenty of stories that overlap with current news, environmental activism, and humanitarian causes. Sometimes they are simply feel-good stories that will brighten your day.

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Huffington Post’s Impact

Like Mashable’s Social Good section, the Huffington Post ‘s Impact section has a variety of stories that overlap with different news sectors. Their stories lean towards the newsy side, with some longer-form articles that often links out to other sites such as The Atlantic.

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The Good Men Project

The Good Men Project is a newer site that has been picking up considerable steam in the last couple of years. Their articles often focus on what it means to be a man in today’s society, and opens up conversation about taboo areas regarding sex, health, and masculinity. It’s a great resource for anyone wanting to understand men and women better.

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Upworthy has been making a splash as one of the fastest growing sites on the Internet. It’s the brainchild two people: a former Onion editor, and one of the founders of Moveon.org. With no comment section on posts and mostly videos curated from all over the web, the site is an experiment in creating and spreading non-traditional online content, where the goal is simply to make social good stories go viral.

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Treehugger is a sustainability blog launched in 2005, and acquired by Discovery in 2007. Focusing mostly on environmental and sustainability issues, it’s a solid and dependable source for anyone wanting to stay informed and make a difference in the world.

Business Sites about Social Entrepreneurship and Social Good

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Entrepreneur’s Social Entrepreneurship Section

Entrepreneur’s Social Entrepreneurship section highlights the people who are making a difference using innovative businesses that have a strong social mission.

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Forbes’ Social Entrepreneurship Section

Forbes’ Social Entrepreneurship section is a little more robust than Entrepreneur’s, and it serves as a well-constructed hub for the latest news and information about inspiring social entrepreneurs.

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Fast Company’s Exist Section

Fast Company’s Exist section has a bit of a futuristic slant, covering cutting-edge sustainable technologies and innovative solutions to today’s problems. I love the writing style, the look of the site, and the top-notch writing.

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Venture Beat’s Social Good Section

Like Fast Company, Venture Beat is another excellent independent source of cutting-edge stories about people making a difference through their innovative businesses.

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Good.is is a magazine and a social network dedicated to sharing and proliferating social good stories. You can sign up and create a profile on their website, and start sharing uplifting or interesting stories in a number of social good categories. They’ll share those stories through their social media channels, which includes almost 1 million Twitter followers, and over 250,000 Facebook fans. They recently shared one of my stories through Twitter and I got hundreds of mentions and retweets!

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Ashoka’s Changemakers Site

Ashoka is an organization that invests in social entrepreneurs all around the world. Their changermakers.com site highlights some of those projects, and makes it easy to get involved, share project ideas, or join an ongoing cause.

Which ones did I miss? What are some of your favorite social good blogs and sites? Let me know in the comments below!

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